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Membership Fees for 2019-2020 will be £285 per player + an administration fee of £20 (club kit is in addition)

Membership Fees include:-

* Club membership and registration to represent the club at league, cup and friendly matches within the league season.

* Coaching / training sessions throughout the current league season.

* Match Fees and use of training facilities and equipment throughout the current league season.

* Additional competitions/tournaments may be charged separately.

Please Note:

* Club Fees are due to paid either as one payment which is due on by the 01/09/2019 or by 4 equal instalments which are due by the following dates: 01/09/2019 (£71.25); 01/11/2019 (£71.25); 01/01/2020 (£71.25) and 01/03/2020 (£71.25).

* We Also offer a confidential Bursary Fund which is designed to support players with genuine financial constraints.

* We have a constitution and safeguarding policies in place.

* We have FA CRC (criminal record check) coaches in the club that are fully committed to long-term player development.

* We are a high achieving team and have won prestigious club awards, including the League Championship (in consecutive seasons) and club sportsmanship award.


* We work closely with the local council and other organisations to secure and develop a permanent home ground, clubhouse facilities and more high quality training facilities 

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